Wankhede Stadium : Executed, Mumbai


The Mumbai Cricket Association had held a design competition for selection of an architect for the project. We are very happy on being selected through this process. There-upon began a long and memorable journey.


To achieve a sense of closeness between players and spectators during the game is the central idea of our design for this stadium. To achieve unity and oneness in the architecture and structure in-spite of the many functional divisions and variations in the spatial quality of spaces within the stadium has been our objective too. An innate aesthetic quality of spaces has been achieved through the use of distinct colours, seen and experienced inside and outside from the field.  Attention has also been paid to provide interesting experiences in all the spaces- in- transition, the many entrances, accesses, avenues and passages, through distinct lighting, colours and flooring.

A good proportion of quality public conveniences have ensured spectators comfort and dignity. Large numbers and well-distributed designed toilets, drinking water and hospitality counters add to the spectators joy. Seven entrance gates, twenty staircases, eighteen lifts, and thirty-five emergency exits, ensures faster movement and high standard of safety. All public areas are monitored for security purposes through the installation of one hundred and ninety cameras, networked and connected to a central monitoring room. Also all the services such as water supply and distribution, air-conditioning in specific areas, smoke detectors, fire- alarm systems and power supply are monitored at a central BMS room. All the basic amenities and design standards have been in conformity with ICC norms and guidelines.

The 25metre cantilevered roof is the most interesting feature of the proposed stadium. It completely opens up the stands as no pillars or supports come in the way of the spectator’s view.

It has been a daunting but enjoyable task. The execution of the stadium right from its foundation including piling and large basements has been built in a period of just 19 months. Designs, drawings and execution details were produced at breakneck speed to match this schedule. Our office has prepared over 650 drawings to ensure that every detail including the interiors was available to the contractors on time. Also we worked along with a host of Consultants for structural design, electrical, HVAC, security, access control, high mast lighting etc. to evolve consistent ideas and concepts and also ensure that the execution drawings and their integration were well coordinated.

Client: Mumbai Cricket Association
Area: 35,000 Sqmt. Cost: Rs. 25000 Lac
ContractorS: Larsen & Toubro (Civil Work)
Consultants: Shrikhande Consultants (PMC), Mahimtura Consultants, D S G Consultants, M E P Consultants, ARKK Consultants, Moloy Ganguly, X-teria, Elmark Engineers.
Supporting Architects: Mohammed Ali Momin (Associate) Bhoomika Paralkar, Amruta Sakalkar, Tushar Dure, Yogita Nayak, Umesh Korgaonkar.

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